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Our values underpin our long-term strategy and our every day actions.  They are shared and followed by every person in our organization and embedded in our processes.
• Quality : we focus on quality and are committed to continuously enhance the quality of our services .The high quality service that we offer is a result of our highly skilled and dedicated staff and our leading edge processes.  The quality of our industrial knowledge is consistently high as a result of ongoing training and inspection.  IESC always adheres to industry best practice and standards and complies with ISO 9001: 2001 quality standards.

• Environment : IESC is committed to implement ,maintain and continues improvement of environment  management systems throughout all works locations to ensure prevention of pollution and elimination of accident ,harm and damage to environment ,people and property ,We care about the world around us and work hard to reduce any negative impact that our projects may have on the environment through thorough planning and careful execution techniques.

• Health and safety : IESC provides safe work area to ensure protection for its client, employees ,properties and operations against risk and loss or damage , we assure that safety is the responsibility of everybody and enhance the safety standards to make safety as a part of our performance.

• Integrity and respect : we respect everyone we deal with and are always clear, concise and straightforward in our written and verbal communications with clients and suppliers.  We complies with all local laws and status and the relevant international standards and legislation .

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