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Technical support services ,Supervisory functions, quality control and Inspections:

PISC can provide supervisory functions, quality control checks and technical inspections depending on the client’s needs.

• For turn-key projects PISC can assist the client by providing a team of experts to supervise the design work on their behalf. 

• During the construction and erection phase of a project, PISC technical staff can perform supervisory and management functions independently or in co-operation with the client's staff members.

• The size and composition of a supervisory team depends on the nature of the project and the needs of the client.  These needs will be determined by an experienced and competent construction manager following consultation with the client and prior to a supervisory team being formed.

• Supervisory project staff will be introduced at appropriate stages to ensure effective supervision throughout the project phases.

• Quality control inspections can be provided at all stages of a construction.  

• Our trained and qualified technical specialists provide technical inspections in order to verify product and process quality.  Detailed findings are then presented in a timely manner in the form of a quality report.

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